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Activities To Help Gain Confidence For High school Girls?

I am starting a club at school for girls only. I want to do fun activities were we can all express our selves and also gain high self esteem and confidence. i would love some help with coming up with fun girly activities to help with theses things! The age group is high school so is there any ideas out there?

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    Quality Wall

    To give teenage girls the opportunity to express themselves and improve their self-esteem, have them create a quality wall in your classroom. Distribute magazines, newspapers, scissors and tape to the girls. Instruct them to cut out pictures and words that describe themselves in a positive way. If a girl enjoys playing soccer, then she may want to cut out a photo of a soccer ball or a pair of cleats. Encourage the girls to talk among themselves and discuss their findings when cutting from the publications. Have the girls tape their photos and words on the designated space on the wall. The girls can look at the quality wall to feel more assured, confident and happy about themselves.

    Letters to Yourself

    To give girls a little boost of confidence, instruct them to write letters to themselves. Distribute pens, markers, construction paper or notebook paper to each girl. Have them write anything they want and assure them that no one will read the letters. Encourage the girls to send themselves words of wisdom and words of encouragement. Tell the girls to write the letters as if they were writing to a dear friend.

    Spa Day

    Sometimes girls need a little pampering to feel more confident. Purchase fingernail polish, skin lotions and massaging oils and host an all-girl spa day in your classroom. Give girls the opportunity to polish each other's nails and conduct massages. Or invite a spa representative from your area to volunteer his or her time to pamper the girls.

    What I Like About You

    Place the name of each individual on a piece of paper. Everyone writes down one thing he likes about the person. No one signs his name after the compliment. Ask participants to keep the paper for days they are feeling bad.

    All About Me

    Provide construction paper, glue, glitter and other art decorating supplies. Have everyone create a brochure that tells about who she is. Stipulate that only positive things are to be placed in the brochure.

    When I Look in the Mirror

    Place small mirrors in front of all participants. Have everyone look into the mirrors. Ask him what positive things he sees in the mirror. Have the group tell the individual the positive things they see.

    Warm Fuzzies

    Place a Warm Fuzzy board somewhere in the room. Ask everyone to write an uplifting note to everyone else in the group. Place them on the board. No one signs her name.

    Ring of Love

    Have each person write down five to seven things he loves about himself on construction-paper strips. Have him make rings out of the strips and connect them.

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    -Stretch (alot of people are tenses up and can't stand up straight and feel awkward this would be a good warm up.

    - you should do girl sessions, like peticure, manicure and facials.

    - make a circle and everyone picks a name out of the hat and saids one thing the like about that person.

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    share secrets .. truth or dare ... prank call ... board games .. play outdoor sports ( soccer , softball , etc .. ) ... make a dance routine ... do eachothers make up ... fashon show .. hope it helped (:

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