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what is next to try after xanax?

i was prescribed xanax a few months ago to take when i fly's just a bad situation when i fly. i took one for my first flight and it did not help at ALL. the next time i took 2. same thing. finally i took 3. nothing. i have to fly again soon and i need something to help me but i don't know what else i can try and i don't know how to approach my doctor about it without sounding like a crazy drug addict. suggestions??

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    9 years ago
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    It's going to sound obscure but ask him for a form of Dronabinol. It'll keep your mind at peace and your body on a smooth wave with no crash or harmful body effects....and you won't be a zombie like Xanax would produce, Have a good one, hope your flight goes well

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i'd take one only until eventually now attending to the airport. Takes about 1/2-hour to take influence. If prescribed as needed,i'd take yet another after boarding in case your nevertheless frightened. yet call your health care provider and ask.

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