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I still love him, what can i do?

I guess i had better start from the beginning.A few months over a year ago now i started going out with this guy called Daniel, after a hold load of faff because at the time he was supposed to be going out with my best friend.

Anyway, we were together for almost 10 months and it was going pretty good, it was kinda really happy for a long while, he even told me that he would always come back to me even if i broke up with him.

Then at the start of this year i started having problems about my sexuality.

I broke up with him in early March because i was just so messed up

I realised i made a serious mistake the same day and called and told him i wanted to be with him again. He forgave me and we got back together.

I really thought it would work and i don't know why i did but about two weeks later i told him i had to break up with him cause there was no other way.

It was all great and dandy for a couple of days until i heard he started going out with a friend of ours called freya, They went out for about a month. During that time i asked him what the he was doing with her and he got really angry with me and told me to get out of his life. I was really upset and i really wanted to cry but i just couldn't.

He broke up with her and i was happy and i am still not sure why.

Daniel and i didn't talk for roughly about 9 months after and we still haven't talked since then and its killing me inside a little.

However about 2 months ago he started going out with another of our friends called Shan, she is a really nice person and she suits him better than i ever did. But since then all i can feel is jealousy.

About 1 week ago at my winter formal i just had one tiny thought 'I wish Daniel was here' and ever since then all i can do is think about him. I know i am being stupid and i should just get over my own mistake.

I'm not sure how to go from here, and i have just heard that my best friend (who is good friends with Daniel's best friend) has decided that we must all go bowling and both Daniel and I will be there. I am not sure if Shan will be there.

Any ideas what i should doi? am really kinda having a melt down here.

Thanks for the advice and sorry this was so long

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    You have to move on. That's life. Find somewhere to volunteer. It will help take your mind off the situation, help you stop focusing on yourself and start focusing on people who really need help. It will help you to move on. Helping other people will also help you, and you might even make some new friends.

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