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How can you help a Betta's fins grow back?

I bought a Betta at Mijer yesterday, mainly because i felt so bad for him. he looks like he got chewed on by another fish. he has hardly any back fins. he cant seem to swim properly. I know he is not just sick because his eyes are healthy and he can use his front fins normally. I was just wondering how i can help the little guy.

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    9 years ago
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    Theres nothing you can do, however once i had a tetra actualy jump in my goldfish tank and rip up my goldfishes fins. They grew back in about six months. Owever he will look awsome because they grow back a lighter shade of the colour that they are. Regards, ps He wont be hurting, he wont even feel it:)!

  • Ianab
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    9 years ago

    As long as the fish is otherwise healthy, can swim well enough to feed, and you keep him in good conditions (warm clean water) the fins will regrow naturally.

    So there is nothing special you need to do, just take good care of it and let if heal naturally.


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