Should I marry him after all?

Here's the situation my boyfriend and his ex broke up without him knowing that his ex was pregnant. His ex also did not told him any and they have not contacted since then. After a month and so. We became boyfriend.. and got pregnant. My child was born after 7 months his ex's baby was born. But then, there are humors that he was not the only boyfriend of her when they were boyfriend/girlfriend or after they broke up, she had a new boyfriend after him in just few days or week. We want the child to have the DNA but the side of his ex don't bother at all. My boyfriend have never seen the child but only on Facebook. But his parents did, once or twice. My boyfriend said that if it is proven that it's his he'll just give money or support but if not he'll just don't care but only for us. His parents told me months ago.. That they also not sure if it is his.. But since his ex's parents was in contact with my boyfriend's parents his parents did seen the child. ( they only did met when my boyfriend's ex got 4 months pregnant.) their parents did met only because of that matter but not during they were boyfriend or girlfriend or so whatever and now I heard the news that they were visiting the child on the back of ours after they have told me that they were also not sure of that baby?!So I'm like what the hell is really going on!?My boyfriend doesn't know either.What am I gonna do? I'm planning to get rid of them out of my and my baby's life.I think i don't need my boyfriend either! I think I should give him back to his ex! Even though he doesn't want even though he is innocent (I think) argh! I feel like I'm stupid!well do I have to care?What am I gonna do to him and his parents? Should I just forget about them not care at all anymore and just move on with my child?He already proposed to me but then after what I have heard I think I wanna change my mind even though he loves us very much He already gave up everything for us even his parents well I think I have to not care anymor

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    9 years ago
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    >_< I don't want to live on this planet any more.


    Take your child and leave. Or better yet, put your child up for adoption, dump this loser, and move on with your life. Get an education, a career, and do something other than have unprotected sex with stupid guys that can't bag it up.

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    your post is very hard to follow without proper punctuation and grammar.but whatever,i am getting the gist that there is a child here that may or may not be his.this child's mother needs to be a grown up and agree to a DNA test.i absolutely hate women who want support without backing up their claim of "yep,that's definitely daddy",they set women's rights back by decades with this kind of behaviour.regardless,this child should not be having contact and bonding with people who may not even be family

    now,to your relationship.IF he is proven to be the father of this child,then you either accept it or you tell him its too much to deal and move on.if you marry him,you take on board that he has TWO children,not cant just stop his parents from seeing their grandchild without just cause - you cant be pissed with them for seeing this other child,as this child has just as much right to his/her grandparents too.very immature attitude and you need to lose it,fast

    whatever happens with you as a couple,you are tied to him for doubt you are going to be told to just marry him but that is wrong when you have so many should look at counselling,together and separately.if you get married before your issues are resolved,you are just going to end up with a failed marriage.your child is owed a lot more than an obligation marriage and you both deserve the best shot at a strong,successful have no right to be upset about this child because this child was conceived before you were together.i would have to wonder at a man who doesn't want to see his own flesh and blood though.put yourself in this other woman's shoes - would you like his behaviour,could you justify it?

    just stop.take a step back and resolve your issues before you move forward

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    What a pair you are. You can't put together an understandable sentence, and he's such an idiot he got 2 girls pregnant within 2 months of each other. In my opinion, this relationship is a train-wreck!

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    9 years ago

    I think that if you're questioning it, then it's not a good idea. Maybe you need to have a long, serious chat with your boyfriend about this, you shouldn't have to deal with all this on your own. I hope everything goes okay!x

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