How long does it take for alcohol to enter your bloodstream?

If you have 3 beers in 2.5 hour how long would it take to enter the bloodstream? How much time must pass before the person is affected by the beers?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Alcohol is absorbed through your stomach people can feel the effects in as little at 30 seconds like someone already said. That doesn't mean you can get drunk in 30 seconds but I can definately tell when I start feeling the effects of alcohol and it's less than 15 min.

    If you drink 3 beers (of -5% ABV) in 2.5hrs....most commonly you wouldn't feel much more than slightly buzzed...on average at least.

  • 9 years ago

    The body takes an average of 1 hour to completely process 1 beer - so if you have one beer, it will enter your bloodstream and get filtered out by your liver within 1 hour.

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    i certainly am difficulty to random alcohol testing, and am a whiskey drinker. What i've got executed interior the previous is bypass a minimum of 8 hours, and DRINK a good number of WATER! (eating an excellent glass of water additionally enables the morning after hang-over...besides as flush the alcohol out of your gadget. desire this enables. ( I additionally do no longer force ) and oh yeah, you could have the pee in a cup attempt, i think, even in spite of the undeniable fact that they take awhile to get consequences will might desire to do the comparable issues i discussed above ~ in case you will possibly be able to desire to do the feared breathalyser < ( I hit spell verify, and it implied that breathalyser is spelled wisely!) It confident would not seem the excellent option to me!! optimistically in case you get noted as in ( is it the Probation Dept?) you could have long previous hours "devoid of", and once you get noted as, in simple terms drink your water, and walk in with a grin :-) P.S. the clarification i'm able to bypass a minimum of 8 hours is via the fact my random urines ensue at artwork, that's the place i bypass interior the mornings. If i'm out eating the nighttime earlier, I end early, bypass homestead ~ devour ~ drink an excellent water earlier mattress ~ awaken interior the process the nighttime "because of the fact I drank too plenty water earlier mattress", drink yet another glass of water, and bypass returned to sleep!

  • 9 years ago

    I think it takes less than 15 mins if you haven't had food for around 5 hrs, and less than 1 hour if you are full.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    About 30 seconds, or soon as it hits your stomach !!

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