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Do I Havana mental illness?

I keep seeing things. People trying to grab me, hooded men, I even saw my dead uncle and thought I was talking to him. Sometimes when I lay down at night, the whole room spins around me, and I feel like my bed is moving as if I was in a boat.

I keep thinking people are out to get me, I'm paranoid, I hate being around people. I feel extremely clostraphobic(sp) when ever I'm around people, even just one person like of rather be anywhere else. Even when I'm in my room by myself I feel crowded, it's horrible.

I hate a temper and a half, I'm always angry even if nothing has happened. I snap at anything, even if it something such as my mother asking me to pick a towel up.

I feel extremely rushed, and will feel as though ive had an extremely busy day even if I've only spent it in bed.

My mind feels over rushed, like I can't hear my own thoughts anymore. I've always been having extremely bad headaches and shaky hands, and feel like I have no emotions other than anger.

Also been experiencing weird delusions.: thought I could fly ext

I can't concentrate in school, and find myself just staring around like an idiot.

Isn't trust ANYONE either.

What's wrong with me?

Ps. I see a psycologist, but it's like I have a wall up whenever I see her. I also saw a psyciatrist, and got diagnosed with Panic Disorder, but I don't believe this to be accurate, he didn't even take into account my hallucinations, delusions or paranoia. I've also seen my GP many times.


Have a mental illness.* ugh, sorry. Auto correct.

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    Sounds like you might be depressed....but add in the hallucinations etc, I'm not sure. I'd definitely go see a professional DOCTOR(not a psychopath) about this soon. I don't think you have mental problems though, bc if you did, you wouldn't be asking the question bc you wouldnt be aware. But sounds like you are aware that you have some issues, and that's good bc that means you still have hope!

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    Sounds like a combination of symptoms for ADD, schizophrenia, and a stress-related disorder. Many of these things can be the cause of lifestyle related habits, like diet, stress, and sleep. From now on try your best to eat a 3 balanced meals a day, sleep 6-8 hours a night and take a break over Christmas vacation. In about a month see how you feel. I would also recommend making some new friends, getting involved at school or go see a movie. You'd be surprised at how eye-opening it is to interact with other people outside of school regularly.

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