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Javale mcgee or Roy Hibbert for fantasy + BQ?

Who is a better starting center?

Bq: who should be my starting shooting guard? Marcus Thornton, Nick Young, Rodney Stuckey

Bq2: Is michael beasley for marcus thornton a good trade?

Bq3: Is eric gordon and michael beasely for steph curry and roy hibbert a good trade?

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    I like McGee. I see his minutes increasing drastically. He could turn into a shot blocking Carlos Boozer.

    BQ: Stuckey

    BQ2: I like Beaseley over Thorton. Thorton's minutes will be halted by Fredette.

    BQ3: I like Gordon and Beaseley. Curry is money in fantasy but he just tweaked his ankle again and HIbbert is not consistent enough and the Pacers dont seem to want to play Hibbert for more than 30 minutes a night. You can find other centers who can put up 12/7/2 for cheaper.

  • Javale McGee

    BQ: Marcus Thornton

    BQ2: Yes. You still have two solid starters.

    BQ3: For the person getting Gordon and Beasley, yes. For the person getting Curry and Hibbert, no.

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