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What does this dream mean and what does this also mean?

What does this dream mean? I had a dream in this dream I was going with my brother to the dentist and he went in and got a cavity fixed, after this it was my turn, I got four healthy teeth drilled all four 2nd molars, and then woke up except it was a dream wake up, I go back and go back to the dentist again, this time one tooth is drilled, and I say no to the other cause she drilled to far. She then said if I moved I would get straped down, she then injected me in the arm and I fell asleep, I wake up and she tells me I had four cavities which were lies, then I wake up and walk out, I say to an enemy or person who is evil, what a b*tch, I then go home and come back for some unknown reason, she then discovers I have healthy wisdom teeth she says she was going to pull them out, she tries to pull my left 3rd molar, but I escape and then I actually wake up. Also things like my computer chair has been breaking with no science or reason behind it as well as a four legged stool with a blue seating thing on it or fluff, why, this happens out of no where to and also I fell on ice and slammed my knee hard and elbows, this happened once and I have slipped on ice and almost hit my head other times, why do bad things keep happening to me?

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    God bless you! Your dream shows a lot of stress and anxiety. Meditate before going to bed.

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