Possession in a deep meditative state?

My friend and I are very spiritual and we experienced something strange a long while back. During the month of may of this year, we meditated almost every night. Halfway through the month, we decided to try meditating differently. We meditated with all light sources gone, making sure no light could get in. My friend and I have succesfully used telepathy during meditation, ( guessing numbers in each others heads...normally no larger than 1-30) we started simple enough, holding up fingers and guessing the correct number, then we moved onto guessing each others facial expressions correctly, then meditating some more. Eventually, we started feeling an eerie presence. We began guessing numbers higher and higher, eventually guessing numbers between one and a hundred. Now, at this point we started to sense things more fluently. He has a spirit of a friend.that died that was close to him around him...I sensed his friend and in my mind saw his friend put his hand on my friends shoulder. I asked my friend if a spirit was touching him right now, where would it be. He said his right shoulder. Correct. We decided to try and contact him, and we asked him to speak to us someway somehow. The room got colder. I started feeling very starnge, my adrenaline began pumping heavily. I looked up and in complete darkness (slightly behind and above me) I saw a faint but definite light I the shape of an oval. (Imagine flashing strobe lights. It was that color but fainter.) And I turned to him scared and said "do you see that light??" He shakingly said yes. Suddenly uncontrollably by head shot up and I. Began laughing uncontrollably. I felt such a surge of..something inside me. Not power...but energy. I was sitting indian style and my body shot forward towards him and I fell onto my hands and knees shaking almost as bad as someone having a seizure. I threw up and he rushed to switch the lights on. He comforted me and iafter a little while calmed down.

Has thid ever happened to anyone else.

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    The word "spiritual" is generally just a fancy term for "emotional". It sounds like you two put yourselves in more of a sensory deprivation environment, which by itself can cause you to see things after a while, then proceeded to freak yourselves out.

    As for the ESP stuff, that sounds like a lot of confirmation bias. If you actually performed a double-blind test of your ESP powers, I'd bet they would be near the statistical mean. I once freaked out a girlfriend by flipping a set of coins and predicting the results. I really didn't predict that well, overall, but I was bound to have lucky streaks. When I did, she thought I must be psychic and forgot most of the misses. Confirmation bias is when you look for only positive results to confirm what you want to believe true. Even staid scientists fall for it often.

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    Congratulations ; You got possessed by an evil spirit . This is why I am so against meditation ; And I tell others this , too. Your example is about the best I ever read . Now , you need to make a sincere covenant with the Father that you will always obey all of Jesus' sayings ( greek text ) no matter what .

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    9 years ago

    Lay off the drugs, friend

  • 9 years ago

    It could be demonic - I would recommend repentance, and frequent Confession and Holy Communion.

    Source(s): Orthodox Christian
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