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Pros and Cons of having a full head of sewn in hair ?

My hair it's growing slowly and its barely on my shoulders. it's not nappy but its just a little thick. I'm really tired of dealing with it and i really want to just get sewn in hair but people are saying its good and some people are saying its bad. Like how long do i keep it in , how do i wash it between the braids. how do i take it out. I'm going to be working soon at a mall and i want to to look nice. PLEASE HELP ??

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    *All hair is braided so all hair is protected

    *Can lead to alot of hair growth since there's no manipulation of your natural hair

    *With human hair you have an array of different styling options: flat iron, curling, braid out, buns, french braids

    *Costs less than several other extension methods, depending on the hair your buy

    *Can last several months; no more than three


    *If braided too tight can lead to hair loss, breakage around the hairline, or alopecia

    *Can look and feel lumpy if braid are not done small enough

    *Can't wash your hair too frequently, which can lead to build up, dandruff, or itching

    Make sure to find someone who's really trained and experienced and you'll be good!


    *Wash hair like normal, except be VERY gentle and focus more of the scalp/braids underneath.

    *Make sure to FULLY dry your hair, or you'll get a mildew smell.

    *MOISTURIZE the hair and the braids underneath. For the braids you might want to get one of those applicator bottles.

    Source(s): Btw, you should ask about a full closure, since you're getting a full head sew in, not a partial with the edges left out.
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