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finding a video on youtube?

A friend of mine does videos of them singing songs, as cover songs, and they wont let me watch them and they arent under there own name on their account, and i want to watch them so is there any way i can advance search youtube in terms of the location of the upload or things like that?

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  • alan a
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    You will need to try and find the title of the video that they make or have made. Then, enter it in the search box and view the results. You will get many results and you will need time to view them all to find the ones from the people whom you speak of.

  • Sean M
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    Location is not possible unless them mention their location in either their video title, description, or tags.

    The easiest way to search for their video would be by tags/title. If they haven't listed any tags or their tags are very vague (such as "song" "me singing" "music") it will be much harder to find because they are such popular searches. You can maybe gather some info on one of their new uploads (such as the song title that they are singing) then narrow the search by adding a comma and the word "today" or "this week" after the song title and YouTube will narrow the search to videos only uploaded "today" or "this week"

    You can search by username if you know which account they are uploading with, but otherwise it might just be easier to ask your friend nicely. :)

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    You can filter results by:

    Type of results, such as Videos, Channels, or Playlists

    Upload date

    Subject category

    Video length

    Video quality

    Features, such as Closed captions, Partner videos, or Rentals

    You can also sort your results by:


    Upload date

    View count


    Unfortunately that's as advanced as it gets!

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