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Gimmie some snacks!!!!?

That I can prepare that are made up of complex carbohydrates with a protein?

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    Peanut butter on crackers

    Peanut butter on toast

    Pita Bread and Peanut butter or hummus

    Egg Salad on crackers

    Tuna salad on crackers

    Deviled Eggs and a slice of toast

    Trail Mix


    Protein Shakes

    Protein Bars

    Granola bar and some nuts

    Beef Jerky and a granola Bar

    English Muffin Pizzas

    Bagel Pizza

    Mini Bagel with cream cheese and lox

    Cottage cheese and fruit

    Oatmeal and fruit

    Oatmeal with two tablespoons of peanut butter

    Fruit smoothie!

    Fruit smoothie with oatmeal

    Peanut butter smoothie

    Smoothie with protein powder

    Peanut butter & protein powder shake

    Frozen yogurt and protein powder shake

    Tuna on toast


    Wasabi Peas

    Soy Nuts

    Beans on Toast


    Yogurt with granola and/or fruit

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    Here are some :

    -eggs with toast

    -celery and peanut butter

    -yogurt and whole grain cereal

    -hummus and veggies

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