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About to turn 16 and still have no sense of freedom?

Hey Y!A :) Well in a month I'm going to turn 16 and i would expect that since I'm going to be able to do more things such as drive, have a job. And also I'm possibly going to be doing dual enrollment at a college nearby that i would get a little more freedom but my mom is still a a hawk around me. She tells me all these stories of her teenage life but yet i don't any stories to tell. I don't get it, i watch my little sisters whenever they want me to, i babysit my aunt's children, i get straight A's in all honors classes, im taking steps to go to college and she still treats like a little kid. What should I do?

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    9 years ago
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    Honestly, my mother still treats me sometimes as a little child and I´m way older then 16... My mother sees me as ´her little daughter´ and to be honest, I consider my little brother who´s 15 also as a child. I think it´s because you think you are ALREADY 16 but your mom thinks you´re JUST 16.

    The fact you´re allowed to babysit does shows your mother and aunt think you are responsible. I know people who are 23 and I know for sure they can´t babysit!

    But, the best thing is to have a talk with your mother, a serious talk. So TV off, computer off, ignore your mobile phone and tell her you want to be more independent. One important thing: always remain calm. Don´t shout or scream, even if your mother doesn´t remain calm. Good luck!

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    Make your own freedom, disobey the rules, and do what you want within reason. You're a teenager and if your not getting the freedom you require and don't have any exiting stories to tell then maybe it's time you make some. Learn the art of lying and such. You only have to do what your comfortable with, but don't live your life in a box. Even if you get caught, it doesn't sound like you have much freedom to take away. And, it'll help your parents realize how good you've been doing.

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    You need to prove to her that you're a responsible person. Don't get a lot of tickets. Be a defensive driver. Don't stay out late, and keep up good grades. Show her you're your own person. Your going to have to be an individual some how. Don't you play sports or anything? There's more to life than school. My mother is a big hypochondriac in particular. Unfortunately I was staying at her house for a little bit, because I lost my job. She cleaned my cleaning products. Put everything in bags.

  • Have you tried explaining to your mum about how you feel?

    It's a good idea to tell her what you'd like to do when you turn 16 and how 'important' you believe them to be, and try and compromise with her if she has any issues with anything you'd like to do.

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    Welcome to my world. I'm going to college next year and my mom still won't let me stay out past 11 with friends. Partly cuz she's my ride home, but still.

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