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Girls PLEASE give me some advice?

Im getting mixed messages from this girl (we are 17) and I just wana know if shes leading me on or not...sometimes I get the idea she likes me because:

- She told me "I was like no other guy she knows"

- She told me when a guy came on to her she told him that she really likes someone else. (smiling at me)

- All her friends tease me and tell me to ask her out

- Ive met her whole family and they all tease us

- Shes been to my house a lot to watch movies and stuff

- She always asks me to go to her house

- She falls asleep on me, gets real close or sits on my lap whenever we are chillin

- If I dont initiate contact for a day or two she always texts me first

- Shes told me her deepest problems (And I have done the same)

- She always makes jokes about "our relationship" just because we get teased all the time

Me being just a regular guy, took those as decent signals? But then sometimes she is really distant from me and deliberately mean to me and me ONLY! But if I show her im angry she gets all apologetic and says she just kidding around but sometimes she takes it too far. And as I said, I dont initiate any contact with her when shes in a mean mood and she leaves it a few days without saying anything to me and its really weird and then shell text me and be really nice.

Ive literally fallen in love with her nice what do I do? am i being lead on?

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    It sounds like she likes you. But why is she being mean to you at times? Is that naturally a part of her personality? Would you want to be with someone who can be cold and distant? Or is there another reason she might be running hot and cold with you?

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    To me it doesnt sound like she is leading you on. I think she really likes you. Im a 17 year old too. She showing signs that she likes ya. As far as her being mean, sometimes what sh thinks is funny isnt funny to other people. Sounds like she can be a moody person. If she seems a little distant it could be that she likes you alot but isnt sure if she is ready for a relationship yet. just give her some time! be yourself. I hope this helps goodluck! :D

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    Maybe she likes you but doesn't want you to know that's why she sometimes acts like mean and stuff, but I do think she likes you especially for the friend teasing because they usually do that in that type of situation. You should just be serious and ask her what's going on between you both.

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    Well i think she likes you a little bit but i holding back for some reason. Personally, i think you are stuck in the friend zone... Im sorry! If you really love her try hinting towards it and if she doesnt get it try to tell her slowly... I wish you the bestest luck!!!!!!!!!!!! (: <3

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    I reckon she likes u. Keep doin wat ur doin and when u next watchha movie ask her more questions... then mean-ness is probably her being angry at something... but putting it on you because she can trust u

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