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name 3 reasons why romeo and juliet is a story about hate .?


give me 3 examples of why romeo and juliet is a story about hate.

Hugh that answer sucks. thats not 3 reasons, u could have said all of that in 1 reason.

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    Someone wants help on their homework, if you ask me. Maybe it's a topic for a research paper, in which case I would be glad to help, but I won't do the whole essay.

    1. The story is basically about how strong a feud is, and what it took to end it.

    2. Tybalt, who really should have an entire paragraph about him.

    3. The fact that the entire feud was started over something someone said.

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    1. It has influenced Twilight

    2. Is repeative

    3. N/A

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    1. two families have hated each other for generations

    2. many times, characters react to events by acting on their hatred rather than love.

    3. characters are killed for very little reason other than the hatred between the families.

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    two families, montagues & capulets, both hate each other,

    but the story isnt really hate, is it? it is just doomed love.

    Source(s): i studied R & J for GCSE 4 years ago and i did it for A levels 3 months ago.
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