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I need some fantasy football help!?

WR (3)

Larry Fitz vs Bengals

A.J Green vs Cardinals

Mike Wallace vs Rams

Roddy White vs Saints

Vincent Jackson vs Lions

*Please pick 3 and say why (:

QB (1)

Tony Romo vs Eagles

Big Ben vs Rams

Matt Stafford vs Chargers

*Pick 1 and why

RB (2)

LeSean McCoy vs Cowboys

Michael Turner vs Saints

Reggie Bush vs Patriots

*Pick 2 and why

D (1)

Pittsburg vs Rams

Ravens vs Browns

Tell why for everyone please it would be great help i need to win and any questions you neeeded answer go right ahead and post them ill answer them

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    larry fitzgerald, aj green, vincent jackson

    big ben

    lesean mccoy, reggie bush


    hope this helps :)

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    Roddy White - White is on fire recently and the game against the Saints will be high-scoring

    AJ Green - Green gets a ton of targets from Dalton

    Mike Wallace - Wallace can easily catch a deep ball against the Rams


    Matthew Stafford - Stafford is coming off against a huge performance and the Chargers don't travel well.


    LeSean McCoy - McCoy is the best fantasy RB this season. He ran for over 130 yards and 2 TD against Dallas earlier in the year.

    Reggie Bush - Bush ran for over 200 yards last week, and the Patriots have a worse defense than the Bills


    Pittsburg - The Steelers are a great defense and St. Louis is on their 3rd string quarterback.

    You have top 5 players in every position. You will probably destroy whoever you are playing against.

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    My funds is on Munich - With neither side wanting to furnish some thing away early on we are able to anticipate a cagey beginning and few gamers being dedicated ahead by potential of both team. this can make for a useless spectacle for the impartial fan, yet what extra useful thanks to offset that than by potential of having slightly flutter? back the 1/2-Time score to be 0-0 and the 2d 1/2 to have the most targets. Fininshing 2-2 (Penalty Shootout - Win for Bayern Munich)

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