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Is my tank ovErstocked?

I have 10 medium sized rainbow, fish and a 180 litre tank, I'm looking to get more, how many more do you suggest I get?


Also how many do you think should be in a 48 gallon tank?

Update 2:

I want someone else's opinion

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    9 years ago
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    You keep asking the same question over and over again that is spamming the boards and is a violation if i report it .

    I already told you that 10 Australian Rainbows will outgrow your tank stop spamming the boards.

    The red and blue Rainbows will outgrow your tank they need a much larger tank as i explained before i have 5 Rather large Adult red Rainbow fish in 200 gallons they get quite big

    I would group up the Boesmani Rainbow if i was you and remove the other Rainbow fish you also need to stick to one region when keeping different rainbow fish so for your tank which is beautifully set up may i add i would get

    8 Featherfin rainbows

    5 Boesmani Rainbows

    5 Turquoise rainbows

    Edit..Just because you want others opinions does not mean you can ask this time and time again and based on most of the people that answer on here there are only a handful of knowledgeable contribitors the rest dont know what there talking about .

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Oh my god... this isn't f*****g ask all you want and expect to be right. Deal with the answer you get.

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