How can I move games from C drive to D drive and keep data?

I am note perfectly sure HOW I can move my games from my C drive to my new D drive. My C drive has just about NO space left and I got a bran new 200gb harddrive and so they're both in the computer. I don't think I can move games over, only songs so how can I do this without losing ANY data on the game? I am talking about saved data. Thank you SO much for answering :D

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  • 9 years ago
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    1)Right click on the file

    2)choose properties

    3)find the original location of the file which is in the general tab and go to it

    4)when you are there drag it to local disk D

    There you go, I hope it helped

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    what is your D drive does it contain DVD as the D drive, if is so copy the files you want and then burn all the files in the DVD using software like NERO or anything that burns files that should do it. and if your D drive is an extra external or internal hard drive then just copy and paste the files or folders there or just reinstall the game there and copy the save files to the specific folder after.

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