Why wont my homemade electric igniter work?

I am trying to make a homemade electric igniter to set off firework for new years eve. I have seen many videos on youtube with how one person did it with one AA battery but someone else used a 12v battery, and another used 2 12v batteries. Ive tried them all, but i can't get my firework to ignite. Ive also tried the christmas light igniter, where you break a bulb, fill it with powder, seal it up with tape and hit it with a battery. Ive had numerous attempts to this and i still have yet to have luck. Any advice?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Two long wires, a power source and piece of magnesium wire, or iron wool. Connect it and it'll burn.

  • Honey
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    9 years ago

    Get a 1-foot length of ordinary lamp cord. i.e. the power cord from a discarded lamp or other portable appliance. Strip the insulation of and carefully preserve the individual strands of copper wire inside.

    Wrap a single strand of the fine wire around a pencil to form a loose coil so the turns do not touch.

    Touch opposite ends of the coil with leads from say, a 12 volt car battery. The coil will turn bright red hot for a moment before burning up.

    Now you know the principal (high current through a too-small conductor) you can readily adapt it to ignite your fireworks. Buy a good length of lamp cord - 20 feet or so - its cheap at Home Depot - so you can distance yourself from the fireworks. Bare an inch or so of wire on both conductors in the lamp cord at both ends.

    Attach two paperclamps about an inch apart on a piece of scrap plywood using wood screws and washers to affix one wire to each clip. Make yourself a supply of the fine-wire coils mentioned above, the ends of which you can easily attach to the paper clamps.

    Run the long lampcord to a safe spot where your battery will be located.

    Now you can safely use your igniter..

    Have fun. Be safe.

  • Irv S
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    9 years ago

    If you can't make something that simple work,

    you've got no businress messing about with fireworks.

    Stop before 'Darwin' catches up to you.

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