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best NiMH rechargeable batteries?

I just want to know what NiMH rechargeable batteries are best for my point-and-shoot digital camera. I define "best" as the battery that, after being fully charged, holds it charge for the greatest number of pictures taken. It would also be the NiMH rechargeable battery that is the least expensive for the results produced.

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    There are two types of Ni-Mh batteries, so you need to decide which you want.

    The first type are called Low Self Discharge. They hold a charge of up to a year, but they are lower power batteries, normally in the 1,900 mAH range. Sony Eneloops or Maha Imedions are probably the best batteries in this class, with the Imedions having up to 2,400mAH capacity.

    The second type are standard discharge, and they may only hold a charge for around 1 to 2 months. However, they are higher capacity. The best of these batteries are Maha PowerEx, which are around 2,700mAH.

    So the decision you need to make is if you want long periods of time that the battery will hold a charge, vs. how much capacity the battery has. How often you use the batteries as well as how you use them (flash vs camera, etc), will dictate the battery you go with.

    If you want the best long term storage batteries, go with Sony Eneloops.

    If you want the most capacity, go with the Maha PowerEx.

    If you want the best compromise of both types, go with the Maha Imedions.

    Whichever battery you go with, if you want a fast charger, make sure the charger is matched for the batteries. Often you can buy a "kit" with having four AA batteries and a fast charger for around $20.

    By the way, mAH means millamps/hours, which is the measurement of the battery's capacity. Notwithstanding Peukert's Law (which applies to all battery types somewhat), a 2000mAH battery would supply 1,000mA (millamps) for two hours, or 2,000mA for one hour (or any other combination that would equal 2000).

    A 2,700mAH battery would have more capacity than a 1,900mAH battery.

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    I use Maha

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