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Do you believe in wishing on a star , horoscopes etc.and if so, why?

well i look for an positive answer if you just gunna say 'no cause it sucks' or ' no cause it's utter rubbish' please don not answer at all.

And you have a special star or something? or maybe special believes ?

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    As much as I'm a realist, and trust me, I AM, I do still wish on stars. I know that I'm a grown woman with a career and a husband and all, but I also find it very important to never fully cut-off your childhood dreams and wishes, and this is what I did as a child.

    We all do it in some form or another; keeping our childhood alive is very serious to me, no matter how old you get. It could be in the form of still having your favorite dish served at Christmas, or still doing a silly Christmas tradition with your family that you once did, or needing to watch a certain program when your sick or something. Feeling comforted and doing comfortable things that we've done forever started at childhood,a nd while you may lose some habits, you never lose them all.

    So yes, I wish on stars, wish when I blow candles out, wish when I blow a dandelion, eat toast and watch Charlie Brown when I'm sick, read "Where the Wild Things Are" once a week out loud to myself, and beg my mother to make her chocolate crinkles at Christmas. I'm still a big kid at heart and I'm PROUD :)

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    Astrology is just a tool, like an other science or skill. It's simply a method, a tool, to use for a better understanding of your environment. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other skills, such as psychology, anatomy, astronomy, physiology.....

    A person can use this skill properly and get good results, or a person can misuse this skill and get bad results.

    Either way, belief is irrelevant.

    Astrology isn't a religion. There's nothing secretive or esoteric or supernatural about it once you understand how to use it (that's called developing a skill). It does not require belief, just an understanding of the functions and methods, like any other skill.

    Wishing stars, I think that's fanciful.

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