Am I seriously pregnant?

so i have taken 2 clear blue's and the both say pregnant and i took 1 first response and the first response had one dark and one light line... I didn't know if the clear blue's are wrong or if the first response is wrong or what exactly? A LOT of help please??


yes... im aware now... i am pregnant

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    9 years ago
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    According to these results you are definitely pregnant. The 1st response test is often misread due to the belief that 2 dark lines must appear to be pregnant, which is not true. If there is only 1 line, dark or faint, you are not pregnant. If there are 2 lines, both can be dark, faint or one can be dark and one can be very very faint, you are pregnant. I recommend going to your doctor as soon as possible so they can check and make sure you are in good health as well as your baby. And, if you are still suspicious, they can do a fool proof pregnancy test in the office. Congrats and Best of luck!

  • 9 years ago

    Two lines mean pregnant. First response is pretty accurate and it's very rare to get a false positive, let alone three false positives. Go to your doctor soon.

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    9 years ago

    If you have taken two pregnancy tests and they say positive i'd say there is a huge chance your preg. go to the doc or health dept and get them to test you also just to be sure. you can always have false negatives but rarely a false positive. so get checked to be sure!! ALSO take one in the morning when you first wake up. the first pee of the morning is the best time to take one!! and when i was thinking i was preg i took literally like every brand of test you can take from the cheap dollar store ones to the expensive ones. and they were ALL positive!

    Source(s): 35 weeks preg :)
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    9 years ago

    Clear Blue is very accurate, so chances are you're pregnant. See your Doctor ASAP for a blood test to confirm.

    Congratulations :)

    Source(s): 5 months pregnant with my Megan :D
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  • 9 years ago


    Even if there's just the SLIGHTEST 2nd line, you are pregnant. Even if you could barely see it,

    Good luck!

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