Do you think it's fair that I kept the money he spent on me?

Basically, I broke up with my ex boyfriend because he was a control freak in September.

We were together 7 months. I broke up with him 2 weeks before my birthday, he told me he was going to buy me something even though we weren't together. I told him not to he didn't listen. He bought me a ring and necklace which cost him £180 all together. He works in a different city and bought it from a jewelers when he was away working.

I was in my mums house and I left my car door unlocked outside. Hours went by & when I was leaving to go home I noticed a bag in my car, my ex must of come up and left the stuff he bought for me in there. FOUR times I tried giving it back to him and he slung them back in my face.

Well my birthday weekend, I went out drinking. I lost my phone, 3 days went by and my friend inboxed me on facebook saying he had my phone because I left it in his pocket when we were out, he's friends with my ex too. He lives in a different city and goes to university in my city 3 days a week so he told me he'd give me a call when he's in my city and we could meet up so I could get my phone. Well in the meantime he saw my ex, so he left my phone with him, not knowing that we were broke up. I called my ex from a different phone and said I'd be down to pick my phone up. I went down there and he gave me my phone but it was wrapped in my black jumper which I left there when I broke up with him. I didn't think nothing of it, I got home and saw that my iPhone was smashed to peaces! He took two stones and placed them on the screen and stamped on it. It was broke. It cost my £190 to fix with apple.

I never had the receipt for the stuff he bought for me but had the warranty receipt so I called up the place he got them from and asked could I bring them back and they said yeah so I drove an hour out of my city and got the money back. They gave me the whole £180 so I thought I'd keep it myself because that would of covered my phone to be fixed anyway.

Once he found out I took these back he went mental! Calling me a cheeky everything but I told him to cut it out because my phone cost me £190 and it's fair because he broke it.

He's turned into a psycho. He's constantly harassing me. Sending me pictures through hotmail of him naked saying look what I'm missing out on. He said he'll ruin every relationship I get and he's kinda scary. Even to this day he's still harassing me, and it's been almost 3 months!

Do you think it's fair I kept the £180? Thanks

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    yes it is fair, and call the police on him for harrassing you lol? thats kinda scary..

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