How do you graph a diagonal line segment starting at zero on a graphing calculator?

This has nothing to do with school i just need to know how before Christmas. Thanks!

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    On a TI-84, you can use the " Truth" rules :


    y1 =2x +3 , say, goes from -infinity to infinity

    or from one side to the other if you are using a normal window.

    It is true that you could just use a window with xmin = 0 and proceed.


    a cuter trick :

    If the segment starts from the y axis :

    y1 = (2x+3 )(x > 0) use the regular x, and you will find the > symbol in the test menu, above math


    if you want it to start from (0,0) then its going to be y = 2x + 0

    so to limit the domain :

    y1 = (2x)(x>0)

    and you can even draw double ended segments with TWO truth statements :

    y2 = (2x -1)(x>1)(x<4)

    And finally ... Note that if you do a single ended ray, or a double ended segment, you will get vertical sticks at the starting and stopping points... not so pretty

    This last trick comes from one of my students :

    Instead of multiplying by the two truth statements : Try dividing by them :

    y3 = (2x -1) /( (x>1)(x<4))

    and Voila ..a segment with no end hassles...

    Source(s): Retired Math Teacher
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    You enter function of the form f(X)=Xm+c mit c=0. the you set the window to only show the the areas you want, which in your case would be Xmin=0, Xmax>Xmin, Ymin=0, Ymax>Ymin.

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    yes origin is at +300, this means when you first started your measurement the value was 300.

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    Define the function F(x)=mx+b, x>0, where m and b are both real.

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