The perfect Bra, where to find one?

I wear B size, 33 inch around my rib cage(not the bust). 2inch apart clevage area. When I go shopping for bras its a big struggle to find the perfect one that fits me and besides that its embarrassing since all bra stores are all in the open and stuff. Other shoppers are always staring at you and talking about what you pick up. So I usually rush in and rush out and end up with crap. They don't fit right, they hurt and leave bruises on my skin or either fall off at random times during the day which is even more embarrassing. At this point I only wear swimming bras because thats the only one that makes since. It covers the nipples and their isnt any wire crushing my rib cage. The main two problems are...

1. The bra is either hard as rock from all the wire that is stuffed into it. I cant breath because its to tight around my rib cage. I hate wired bras.

2. The cleavage area is way to spread apart like 7inchs. The front of the bra is always under my arm pit because the clevage space is way to wide like I said 7inchs far apart. Most of them never cover my nipples because of that gap.

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    9 years ago
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    Why can't you just give your under the bust and bust measurements.

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    4 years ago

    some belongings you may seem for: -the middle flap of the bra could relax hostile on your breastbone. -The bra could in high-quality condition on the loosest placing(the most outer hook) so as that once your bra stretches out, you may tighten it. -The strap could no longer could be adjusted to its max placing; if it does could be, then the bra is both too large or too small. -Straps falling means incorrect length -at the same time as considered from the area, the underband that runs around the body must be horizontal, could no longer journey up the again, and must be agency yet tender. -The underwires at the front could lie flat hostile to the rib cage (no longer the breast), and may no longer dig in to the chest or the breasts, rub or poke out at the front. -The breasts must be enclosed by using the cups and there must be a tender line the position the textile on the best of the cup ends. -There could no longer be a ridge or any bulging extreme or aspects of the cups,

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    As embarrassing as it is, talk to someone who works at the store and ask for help. Grab a bunch of different bras, in different styles and sizes (30, 32, 34) and actually try them on. Now you don't have to buy, but go to Victoria Secrets and see if they can help you get an idea of what it right for you.

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    you should try victoria secret if you havent yet.

    when I go it is always a good experience; the sales women on the floor measure you and help you find the right fit and look. give them details and they will help you find a good comfortable bra.

    take good amount of cash 45 - 80 bucks depending.

    hope that helps some :)

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    9 years ago

    Go to PINK or Victorias secret and ask a sales person to help you find a good bra

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    9 years ago

    The obvious answer is to o to a decent store and have them fit you and help. Nothing to be embarased about. All of us have boobs wear bras.

    What I don't understand - and I apologize for the off-topic rant -is what the heck has happened to American women, that they are so ridiculously terrified about anyone seeing their nipples????

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