Can you draw a female silhouette with an impact gun or some type of tool?

I'm in the Marine Corps and it's common for units or divisions to get a tshirt made displaying pride for who they represent. In my division, some of the work centers are deciding to make their own t-shirt. I have 4 females in my division (we're mechanics) out of 80 men. Well I had an idea to make a skivvy shirt that said, "Ladies of GSE" and on the back have a sexy female silhouette with an impact gun. I can't draw though. Can anyone help?


I'm thinking something like the SKIN industries logo girls but with tools instead of horns or wings.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Do an image search for "Rosie the Riviter" posters from World War Two. The image is public domain and should be free to modify, with "Rose" wearing fatigues or other, appropriate work wear.

    Semper Fi! I've been a Marine for sixty-two years.

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