Home alone Scared Hearing Voices my house is haunted? PLEASE READ?

It's Been 1 year ive been living in the place that im in. I get left home A lot like right now because im on break and my parents have to work. My Grandma had a friend that was very old and very nice and well she died one day in th middle of her hallway. I don't know why (She wasn't murdered) and well My family (my mom,Dad,and sister) needed to buy a home and well since she was my grandmas friend they gave the house to us cheap. I didnt wanna move at all but i had no choice. And so i would tell my parents that i was scared but they would just say "She was a very sweet lady . She wouldnt haunt us or hurt us." Well i havent really seen a ghost or anything but i feel like there is one living with me.and at night i feel like im being watched while i sleep and so im scared to open my eyes kind of. Ive heard Voices But its strange because ive heard a little girl and a man (all i could hear was his laugh it was a kind of evil laugh) but not a woman.And today my grandma came over to get somthing and she said she heard somthing. But i didnt hear anything at the time. I have 2 dogs 1 is Like 2 months old And the Other is like 6 years and the youngest one doesnt act weird. But, the older one acts diffrent then he did when we moved in. Im his favorite and he wouldn't dare bark at me or growl. But, Since we lived here twice he tried to attack me. My sister she thought maybe somthing got into him for a second. And i tried to tell my mom but she said "No its nothing your just being parnoid." Lights do flicker and or computer randomly turns off. What should I do?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The voices are your father and your sister, dogs always as they grow change their behavior and often become more aggressive than they were before, you feeling like being watched is just from watching to much twilight and having the Edward looking like a weirdo at the Bella as she is sleeping, There is problem with your electricity, fix it, and, about your computer, you should give it to technician to see what's wrong with it, perhaps your cooler had been in a long use or something, just give it to a technician, he will know the answer. There, mystery solved.

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  • 9 years ago

    You are crap at trolling

  • 9 years ago

    summon the ghost and kill it. easy

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