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I don't like the kids at my school?

The kids are pretty mean and judging, but i'm sure they're like that at most schools. I don't have a group of friends, but I have different groups. I sit with these people at lunch sometimes, this girl and this gay guy and a few other people. I don't really like they a ton because they can be mean, but they're nice to have. I also have a group of friends who are nice, but some of them do drugs and the people i sit with at lunch give me crap about it sometimes. I also hang out with my cousin and her friends.

I know i shouldn't but sometimes i worry about friends. I think that I like my friends, but it's not like they're the top people i would choose to be friends just kind of happened. I feel like in some ways, you really don't pick your friends.

And i mean, i enjoy spending my time with them, and I have people to hang out with outside of school, isn't that all that' important when being a teenager? Sometimes i worry that i don't have a group of friends that i love and would die for etc.

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    You are so okay!

    What you are going through is common and you presented it in such a mature fashion!

    The one thing you can take solace in is that you have people that you can hang with and are not a social outcast(thank goodness). You seem to have a more mature perspective then your peers and as soon a HS is done, you can take a sigh of relief.

    I tell my daughter, one Great friend is better than 50 okay friends. You have the smarts to pick and choose what your looking for in people so find that one Great one!

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    I was kind of the same way in High School. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. When you graduate and go off to college or into the workforce you'll mean a lot of different people (who are more mature). High School is kind of socially limiting. You don't really meet the rest of the world; you just know the people you go to school with. It'll change when you graduate.

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    Yeah, theres always douche bags at every school. You just gotta call em out on how much of a ****** they are right in their face and if they say anything like "i'm gonna kick your ***" or "i'm gonna beat the ******* **** out of you" They aren't going to do anything.

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    it's alright. you'll live. pick classes (if you're allowed to at your school) that will have people at your level and have your interests. pick friends from those classes.

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