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Missed two birth control pills?

This is my second pack and i missed two pills. The last one of the first week and the first one of the second week. (The last 2days) and this morning i had egg white discharge. Does that mean i am ovulating or am i about to. And how long does it last so i can have unprotected sex again? Anything else you can think about that has to do with missing pills, please tell me.

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    As long as you took the missing pills at least 24 hours after missing them you should be fine. I forget time to time about my pills and I have never had a problem. Just be safe when you have sex until your next period.

    As for the discharge, perfectly normal. I believe every woman gets discharge, I do at least a couple times a week.

    Source(s): I'm a girl, been on bc for 6 years
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