is there an optometrist in the house?

My right eye used to be really itchy and watery for a couple days but i as just like, yeah whatever. suck it up. then, i kept getting migraines around my eyes (especially my right eye) for a few days too. now, my right eye hurts when i look up, down and sideways and thats been happening for about 4 days and gotten worse each day, especially when i'm tired. i havent hurt my eye with anything that i can remember and idk if its swollen but it feels slightly more buldged out than my left eye. i do have a thyroid disease, so i really hope i dont have graves, what do you think? oh yeah, and i dont really want to see a doctor until im sure it wont just go away!


lol thank you, its cuz it has the word house in the title. ill try to change it.

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  • 9 years ago
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    paige; this is a real estate forum [usa]

    your need is for medical

    go to the doctor immediately for your eye[s]

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