Daughter wants to give up her child to a father that can't take care of him?

21 year old Daughter wants to give her 3 year old son to father that lives 200 miles away that lives with his parents and cant even take care of him self let alone his son, she has had her son for almost 3 years and gives him away every chance she gets to different people because she wants to party, what can a grandparent do? we would love to take care of him but she wants the father to, she wants to drop him off she tells us, and then not pick him up ever again , she said she wont give him to us because we told her when she decided to have him we refused to raise him, well he's here and we love him and he needs a stable live and were willing to do it. but she wants the other family to raise him, which I know the other family loves him also but they drink and smoke pot and we do not want him to be raised in that environment and we cant talk any Sense into her. somebody please give me advise.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Call the police n get him in ur custody for now.

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