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list of full tution fee scholarships in usa for international undergrad?

i am looking for full tution fee waiver scholarships as my gpa is 4 in 11th and expecting 4 in 12th also in 10th it was 3.8 and i m having good xtra.activities.

based on this (leave about toefl i will be getting 100-110 and sat IIs a good score

->can i get the scholarship that is needed by me if yes please send me some link

->can i be able to apply to mit if yes r they any chances to get in...

please tell me soon please....

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    There are very few scholarships available in the U.S. for international undergraduate students, particularly full tuition scholarships. Foreign students are expected to pay their own way.

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    Scholarships and other financial aid for foreign students are very scarce and extremely competitive. There's hardly a full-tuition scholarship for foreign students anywhere at all. Even if you totally lucked out and got a full tuition scholarship, tuition is only a small fraction of total expenses. You need money, and you need a lot of it.

    If MIT wanted you, they would recruit you. They look for winners of international math & science competitions, etc. With a GPA of 4.0 for 4 years of high school, SAT scores of 2200 or better, good extracurricular activities, you are hardly among the average MIT applicant. MIT applicants are exceptional - they have achieved something extraordinary, even though just in their teens.

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