What is yontoo layers?

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what the hell is yontoo layers why is face book telling me its adware and to remove it... i never downloaded the sh*T i dont even use face book like that... nobody else uses this ...show more
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  • Gold answered 2 years ago
Yontoo layers is a broswer plugin that is intended to allow you to add a custom profile on facebook. It's debated if the program poses a security risk, but most anti-virus and anti-malware programs will say it is and will remove it.

It's not a useful plugin, so it's best if you just remove it rather than have a program that is in the gray area in terms of security.


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  • ? answered 3 months ago
    Goto Run Type Regedit
    Goto Local Macine > Software > Microsoft > windows > current version > uninstall, then do CONTROL + F and type Yontoo

    Delete the entire registry entry it provides with "Yontoo Layers" as the display name.
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  • jennylr11 answered 2 years ago
    i'm having the saaaame exact problem. it told me the steps to delete it, but i can't find it either.:\
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  • ? answered 2 years ago
    I went to control panel and I couldn't find the yontoo layers on my programs.How do I get rid of it when I can't find it?
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  • mhope23 answered 2 years ago
    Not sure how you got it , but then I don't know how I got it. But I saw it and removed it before Facebook even told me about it. I did see I had these pop-up windows with adds (somethings I was interested in LOL). The question is what did this thing post to our friends pages ????.
    None the less do what Facebook says and uninstall it from control panel, add remove programs.
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  • Sass answered 2 years ago
    It's probable that you installed this software when downloading a game or signing up for an offer. When signing up for offers like that, various software is included as a bundle package. The Yontoo Layers plug-in is ad-supported and tested as safe by McAfee, Norton, and the BBB. You can easily uninstall the software by going going to your start menu > control panel > remove programs > remove "Yontoo Layers."


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