What is World Chechnya Day about?

Just heard that World Chechnya Day exists.

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    Michael is correct. We commemorate the dignity and resiliance of our people who refused to cease to exist. World Chechnya day takes place on the 23rd February (marking the same date in 1944 when the Soviet Union deported and exiled the entire Chechen and Ingush people...

    Soviet Union accused them of collaboration with the Nazis, thought there was no evidence to support the claim of Chechen collaboration with the Nazis. In fact, many Chechens even fought against the Nazis. In 2004 the European Parliament passed a motion that recognised this event as Genocide.

    That is what World Chechnya Day is about, more of a day of mourning--

    Source(s): Once again, read "The Oath: A Surgeon Under Fire" by Khassan Baiev... You would understand Chechen culture and the people a lot more...it also tells about this deportation and some sad stories with it
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    What is World Chechnya Day about?

  • It's a day to remember the chechens and ingueshetians who persevered through stalin's genocide against the chechen and inguesh people.

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