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Who is a professional sports player that shares similarities with you and reminds you of yourself in any way?

You know, how they act, how they play, how they handle situations, if they are dirty, if they are easily bothered, how they are, how they talk, how they look and what not....What player, hockey or not, is similar to you in any way shape or form, and gets you thinking of yourself?

I ask this because I often find myself drawn to players that share traits and such with me.

Dear lord don't say because we are both awesome or something, a well thought out answer would be best. Thanks!

BQ: When was the last time you heard the word "Christmas"?

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    Mike Richards!

    -We both lost are captaincy.

    -We both like to drink.

    -We both own the same hat.

    -We both lived in Philly at the same time.

    -We both wore Richards jerseys.

    -We both like women.

    -We both have teeth.

    -We both have fully functioning organs with the possibility of our livers being weaker.

    -We both have blonde haired male friends.

    -We both know porn stars.

    I guess that's why I am so gay for him.

  • Tyler Ennis <3<3<3<3<3

  • 9 years ago

    Zack Greinke. Starting pitcher for the Miluakee Brewers. Not that i have Social Anxiety Disorder or antyhing, but I do prefer to keep to myself. I don't want attention, i just want to get the job done. I would rather not be in the spotlight, the way he does not want to pitch in the AL East

    BQ: On tv like less than 5 mins ago

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    I'm Tim Tebow, but not even close on a religious scale.

    I'm humble, kind, and motivational. I also have his ability to be clutch (based in how each of his games have gone)

    On the bball court this season, I have started awful in the first half, and a flick switches in the second.

    Same with baseball. Never great pitching with the first few batters, and I settle in. When I hit, I am more consistently well throughout the game, but when I do hit bad, I have come up with many good plays in the clutch, which includes a walk-off suicide squeeze to win my teams division last year against our 2nd biggest rival.

    EDIT: Oops, I forgot the bonus question! The last time I heard it, it was 10 minutes ago, but then again, I am lookng at the word Christmas right now!

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  • Though I am about 100x more handsome and he out weighs me by 65 lbs Chara is only .8 inches or so taller then me...

    Sergei Zubov used to smoke between periods and I used to do the same while playing sports...

    Ott likes to make people angry and doesnt seam to care much about how it may effect other people...

    BQ* My guess would be lastnight at some point

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    9 years ago

    A combination of Kesler, Lucic, Luongo, Lapierre, Burrows, Sedins, Bieksa and Toews.

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    Alex Morgan, but since this is hockey....Patrick Kane. We both: have upbeat personalities, have weird colored fabulous hair, like to party, are close to our families and friends, currently reside in most liberal cities, have million dollar smiles, think Megan Fox is the hottest female, are 50x more fun when not sober.

    BQ: Minutes ago.

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    Marty Brodeur, both goalies, hate losing, weird style of play, let anger get the best if us at times, every time a goal is scored on us we strive to be better, likes to joke around a lot.

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    Junior Seau because we both hate the spotlight and are Intense with our training and the sport we love, Football. BQ> I Went to Wal-mart today and the people greeter said Have a good Christmas when I was walking out of the store.

  • 9 years ago

    DJ King. He's not the most glamorous, high octane, brilliant hockey player in the world, but he's a damn hard player and works hard to get what he wants/where he is. I think that's a lot like me, I know I'm not the best, prettiest, etc. but I work damn hard for what I want. I think that's why I like and respect hard working grinders so much and can't stand the Ovechkins of the world.

    BQ* Car commercial. PS- I LOATHE those damn Lexus commercials!! I will NEVER ever buy a Lexus! (not that I'll ever be able to afford one, but still)

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    Peter Forsberg, he's a real funny and nice guy, an honest man who loves to laugh. He's dedicated to trying his hardest and putting forth the best effort he possibly can, and according to his retirement ceremony, likes to hug, too.

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