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Building Trust with a Baby Boa Constrictor!?

I'm going to be doing this with all my reptiles (snakes & lizards) from all shapes and sizes, but this question does apply to all of them, but i'm trying to build trust between the animals and have them learn that humans aren't a threat and more of your friends (sarcasm) and getting them to learn how to adapt to human presence/environment and have an awesome and wonderful experiences with us, so that way they learn to trust us and do so much with them.

Now I know people say that snakes or "reptiles" in general can't be trained, but i've seen it happen with turtles, tortoises, and lizards and i'm sure it is possible with snakes it's just going to be really hard to do something like that and it will take some work to do so, probably years and sure even if i'm not successful, it wouldn't at least hurt to try right and i'm sure it'll be a fun and rewarding, but also frustrating experience and yeah you can't use treats with these animals, but i've always wondered about using f/t or pre-killed pinkies as the treat might work, but who knows, so anyway i'm trying to figure out some good methods onto building trust with your reptile and doing as much activities with it until the training begins. Thank U!

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    I'm going to agree with Leah on this one. I think you're on the right track with the building trust idea and getting them used to human contact. But using treats won't "teach" them anything. They have tiny brains and aren't very intelligent at all in terms of cognitive abilities. They operate on instincts and those instincts are based on feeding, survival and thermoregulating their temps. That's about it.

    Good luck with the new boa if you get it! You've wanted one for a while. Great snakes. Remember to always wash your hands btw handling your python and boa!!

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    Hook training is about the extent to "training" with large snakes. These animals aren't dogs. And rewarding with food can lead to an obese boa, which is very unhealthy and drastically shortens their lives. Boas have SUCH a strong feeding response, in turn people usually overfeed them. Please don't treat your boa as if it's a domesticated animal like a lab.

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