what zodiac sign is most evil?

well wouldn't it be aries? the symbol is a goat, witch is the same symbol for satan, they seem to have alot of evil traits too, like not giving a F*** about anyone, or anything always getting what they want..i am a aries btw witch is why i am asking this question

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    9 years ago
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    Actually the association with Capricorn and Satan was because people during the Inquisition were afraid of goats and their "evil" eyes.


    Hopefully, we've grown out of that by now.....perhaps not. I do grow tired of explaining it, though, and having to basically explain over and over to undereducated people why Capricorn is NOT evil, just misunderstood and much maligned.

    Regardless, no sign is evil. There are lots of evil people in this world, enough to fill whole cities, and to blame one little sign for such is to fail to take responsibility for our own part in it.

    And Aries certainly isn't evil, though it wants so badly to be...I mean really, does Lady Gaga look evil to you...

    ....Okay, bad example....

    ...I didn't say I wasn't evil....heh....heh....

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    Most Evil Zodiac Sign

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    All signs can be evil. It's a good and interesting question, but I have met some pretty darn evil people in my life and they weren't all Aries that's for sure.

    So unfortunately I can't point a finger at one sign and say "You Are Evil!" It just doesn't happen that way. Some of us come here with demanding charts and hard aspects and they aren't evil. And then you see this nice little chart and they ARE EVIL.

    So though you are a witch, I wouldn't use astrology to find an evil person. Just look around and when you will find "evil" in another's eyes. Evil people generally have evil eyes. Then again that isn't always true either. Look at those serial killers. Ted Bundy for one. Handsome as can be. But evil underneath all that skin.

    I hope you will focus on "white magic" so you don't incur any new negative karma. Do good things for others and make some good karma for yourself. Let's not pick on any one sign to represent evil. Evil runs through each and every sign of the zodiac.

    Good luck and bless you too. I wish you well.

    EDIT: I enjoyed the answer from Venus is a Red Head. I didn't know all that "devlish" business was possibly Satan (Saturn) in action. I always comment on how Saturn is such a harda** and now I see why! And that also explains why Caps can sometimes say the cruelest thing. Maybe there is a little cruel streak running through them......not all of course. But interesting answer none-the-less.

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    Actually, most people associate Capricorn with Satan. Just letting you know.

    And no, it wouldn't be Aries, as it is a Spring sign; a sign for new life, new beginnings, and warmer happier times to come. I'd say that Scorpio gets a pretty bad rep, honestly, more so than Aries. Sorry to burst your bubble. Go ahead and rub away your Sharpie Pentagram tattoo...

    Edit: Venus (so used to calling you Irish, LOL) is correct. I was just telling poster that out of all the Zodiac, Capricorn got elected to be the spawn of the devil, LOL... I know you're not evil ;)>

    Edit: LOL :) True...

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  • 9 years ago

    Zodiac signs do not have moral alignments to them. They are neither good nor evil.

    There's nothing inherently evil in goats, either. The majority of historical images of Satan don't make him look goatish at all.

    Finally, Aries is a ram, which is a type of sheep, not goat.

  • If a person wants to be evil, Scorpio is the best sign for him or her... They can do the worst things if they want.. Also the evil people in my life were always pisces, couldn't ever understand that..

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    9 years ago

    We aries are anything but evil!

    I'm sorry for this but I think capricorns are a little evil, I know a lot of really mean capricorns, sorry if your a capricorn and reading this.

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    I'm going to have to go with Capricorn on this one. All the Caps i know have hurt their loved ones significantly. Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

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    Which ever sign person is being EVIL at the time!

  • 9 years ago

    I'm going with Leo. They will do whatever they need to do even through deception to get ahead of people, they're very stubborn and are habitual liars.

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