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are I.O.C. and F.I.F.A. "organizers", wannabe aristocrats?

Has European soccer become a combination of volleyball and soccer?

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    Yes, they have the temerity to spend handfuls of other people's money. It's really disgusting and nauseating.

    I've included the Wikipedia section on FIFA's malfeasance. As for the IOC, I highly recommend a portion of David Maraniss'' book "Rome 1960", which details the opulent and indulgent lifestyle of IOC President Avery Brundage. Without exaggeration everything was first class. He lived the easy life of a self-appointed ambassador, only without responsibilities or accountability, of course. Brundage was greedy, a lush, and a womanizer of the highest caliber. It was said if you wanted to land the Olympics, you needed to provide the 3 B's for Brundage: Bucks, booze, and broads.

    Maraniss poignantly contrasts Brundage's avarice to the athletes of the time. The hypocritical "amateurism" rules were in effect. They stated anyone receiving any benefit for their athletic accomplishments was ruled a professional and therefore deemed ineligible to compete in the Olympics. Except for those in the Soviet Bloc, most athletes scraped by due to high training costs and time demands. Some American athletes lived far below the poverty line. No wonder some called the IOC President "Slavery Avery."

    But that was in the late 1950's and early 1960's, half a century ago. *Everything* is different now. Or so the IOC says. The big difference, they make pains to point out, is athletes are all professionals. (Just don't ask about boxers; they're still not allowed to be paid.) But some things don't change. The IOC members still lord over the Olympics like over-entitled princes. They do damn near nothing. And they still pay themselves ridiculous sums, thanks to billions of dollars/euros from selling TV broadcast rights. So their value-added is still negligible.

    As you can probably tell, I agree with you up to a point. You call them 'wannabe aristocrats'. I think you are far, far too charitable.

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    The upper levels of the I.O.C. and F.I.F.A. seem to be regal or at least have the trapping of royalty since they ride in limos and stay in the penthouse of hotels, and move around above those of us in the masses that buy tickets.

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