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    8 years ago
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    Intel motherboard is board manufactured by intel( mostly with intel chipset exceptions like DG101 which have non intel chipsets are also there )

    intel chipset boards are manufactured by non intel companies like ASUS, Mercury,MSI,etc etc. Only chipset is made by intel rest of the things differ significantly.

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    8 years ago

    Intel Motherboard is fully created by the INTEL.

    Intel Chipset is the motherboard created by some other company and they use Chips created by INTEL.

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    A chipset is a group of integrated circuits that can be used together to serve a single function and are therefore manufactured and sold as a unit.

    Motherboard is the heart of your PC, it handles system resources (IRQ lines, DMA channels, I/O locations), as well as core components like the CPU, and all system memory. It accepts expansion devices such as sound and network cards, and modems. It is the main printed circuit board in a computer that carries the system buses.

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    AMD is more low-cost compaired to the Intel counterpart. AMD also oftentimes more effective in gaming applications. AMD is likewise the corporation that got here out with the "authentic" twin and quad center. Intel is beter then AMD in cooling because the cpu does no longer run as warm. Intel also has been somewhat more effective in operating distinctive applications.

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  • 8 years ago

    two different manufactures

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