major / minor detail 的分辨 ?


希望有英文專家/老師能詳細說明,舉例佳 ~



不是翻譯 .........

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  • Wangt
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    9 years ago
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    Major Details: explain the main idea. are more specific than the main idea. provide the examples, reasons, statistics and studies that help make the main idea clear and convincing. answer readers’ questions about the main idea.

    簡單的說就是延伸主題, 提供例子, 理由, 數據, 研究 來支持你的主題

    Minor Details: explain a major detail. are even more specific than major details. repeat key points and add colorful detail. may or may not be important enough to include in reading notes.

    也就是在把你的主要細節向外延伸, 重複你主要的論述, 可以在提供更多更有說服力的細節

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  • 阿昌
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    9 years ago

    major / minor detail 主要/次要的細節

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