Relocating to Perry, FL?

My husband is a newly graduated chemist and has an offer for a job at a company in Perry, FL. We currently live in Indianapolis, IN. We are more than willing to move, but was hoping someone could help us out with a little more information on the area. We've both been to Florida numerous times, but never northern Florida. His recruiter told him he should commute from Tallahassee, but that seems like a long drive. Does anyone know of nice areas to live in Perry, or maybe a closer surrounding city. Anything to do in the area? We are in our twenties, newly married, no children yet.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Perry is a small town, less than 7000 people. Most of Taylor county (the county where Perry is located) is forest land; much of the land is owned by timber companies, and there are several State parks and State forests surrounding Perry. The huge tracts of land owned by the timber companies or part of state parks is the reason it is such a long drive between Perry and larger towns in the area.

    I've visited the area around Perry many times. There really isn't much 'night life' in Perry or the surrounding area. However; if you and your husband like getting outside this area is gorgeous. There are natural springs, rivers, forests, and you are only about 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Kayaking, fishing, hiking, hunting, and scalloping are the sorts of activities you could do if you lived there.

    If you want to work, or if you like other activities, then it might be tough living in Perry and you might be better off living closer to Tallahassee or even Live Oak.

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    I will give you a little background before I answer this question. I was born in Indianapolis but raised in Florida. My mom lived in Florida and my dad in Indianapolis so needless to say my life for three decades has been split between both areas. You are going to find Florida is much, much, more expensive than Indiana. We have the highest power bills in the nation. My electric is double what it would be for the same place in Indiana and my car insurance is triple. Also, unlike Indianapolis most of the homes in Florida for sale need work and the supply of turn key homes is much more limited. Indianapolis has a strong middle class where as Florida really does not. A family of four making 70,000 per year is generally just scraping by here. In Indianapolis, they would be doing quite well. Even our gas runs about 30 cents per gallon higher here than there. Perry, is very small only around 7,000 people and has absolutely nothing to do for young people. Tallahassee is 60 miles away from Perry. I would say that is a totally unrealistic commute and the recruiter lied by saying it would be. One more thing the worst traffic in Indianapolis I have been in is on the northside exiting of 465 toward Noblesville onto 69 north. That is a piece of cake in comparison to the traffic in Florida. Half of the people who move to Florida will leave within the first two years of coming to the state. It's your decision but I can tell you with 100 percent certainty you are going to be in both culture shock and sticker shock when you come here.

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