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How is it Kim Jong-il's 'Great Successor' was educated in Switzerland-- Does CIA not believe in assassinations?

We've truly become a complacent, shortsighted government...

What say you?

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    You can't just kill leader prospect and hope for the best. There could be further retaliation that South Korea does not want. World War One was started with single assassination. Remember? Besides, he is third son of Kim Jung Il. He wasn't the only heir.

    Also Switzerland government would not approve of this. Political assssination going on in their country...

    The true thing is, U.S does not want reunification of two Koreas.

    back in 70s U.S president Richard Nixon urged President Park Jung Hee of South Korea to enage in peace talks with Kim Il Sung of North Korea because U.S policy was to hands off foreign conflict. If they engage in further military action, U.S would likely to engage in war again.

    Now, U.S want to keep military base in South Korea because of Russia and China. If two Koreas united, there would be no need for military base in South Korea and it would be harder to protect Taiwan from China.

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  • 8 years ago

    It's not a matter of whether the CIA "believes" in assassinations (they've happened), but whether it's the correct decision. What does education in Switzerland have to do with the CIA? If you mean that the "target" is much more vulnerable, that isn't the only consideration. Such a decision has to be based on many factors, such as who will replace the assassinated person, how will the populace react, and will that person be easier to deal with. Kim Jon-il may have been difficult to deal with, and we may not know yet how his successor will be, but the U.S. government may already have discussions going on with his successor. Remember, regardless of what you read online or in newspapers, there is a whole lot going on behind closed doors in congress and the White House.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    We should call Langley to dust off the old coup d'etat playbook.

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