Underage Sex Age... In United States?

In the United States. If a girl is 16, can she legally have sex with a man 18 or older? Can people press charges? Can anyone press charges? If a charge is pressed, what is it in-count of?

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    The age of consent varies by state between 16, 17, and 18.

    Its only legal for a 16 year old to have sexual relations with a person who is 18 or 19 years old, in a few select states.

    In most other states, its illegal for a minor to have sexual relations with a legal adult.

    In one state for sure, California, it is illegal for minors to have sex until they turn 18.

    This is the website outlining each state's age of consent. You can find yours here.


    Law officials can press charges if they can prove a crime has been commited. Pregnancy is very good proof in that case.

    Parents can of the minor can file a report, but unless sexual contact can be proven, there is nothing to be done about it. What they parents can do, is set up some form of no contact order between the minor and the other person to eliminate contact and end their relationship.

    The charges that would be pressed also vary depending on the age of the people, and to what extent the crime has gone to. The website above also outlines the most common types of charges.

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    It would depend on the state that you are in. Here is a law article that talks about statutory rape and exceptions: http://www.dallastexascriminallawyer.com/articles/... Many state have an age of consent of 16 but it ranges from 16 to 18. And yes, anyone can press charges but it is typically the parents of the underage person.

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    no she can not the person 18+ can get arrested and and pressed charges on unless no one finds out and if parents find out parents can press charges

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    It depends on the state, different states have different ages of consent. It would go to the criminal court in the county where it happened.

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    This depends on the state you live in

    Source(s): Ageofconsent.com
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    That's stagatory rape my lady

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