Air Canada Interview?

what to expect from an Air Canada Part-time Customer Service Agent at La Guardia airport Interview?

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    9 years ago
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    One would expect the questions to revolve around your knowledge of Air Canada, it's business, your experience and education, plus those specific to the job -- probably customer service oriented.

    Things I would do to prepare or be willing to demonstrate.

    * Knowledge of Air Canada as a company (size, number of employees, revenue, etc.)

    * Knowledge of it's routes into New York and its affiliated airlines.

    * I'd look up its baggage rules, unaccompanied minor rules, passport/WHTI rules for Canada, etc.

    * If you have the chance... head out the the airport and do some research -- how many gates do they have, how many ticket booths/agents, do that have any express/self-check-in lines, and if you can find a quiet time... approach one of the ticket agents... let them know you are interviewing for a job with Air Canada and ask some general questions about the company. Don't ask any job specific questions as that might get people nervous about security.

    * Re-read your resume.

    * Finally, I'd have three or four questions about the job.

    * Arrive 10 minutes early, dress appropriately, bring a notepad and pen, bring ID, etc.

    If you tend to get nervous or aren't comfortable with interviews, maybe get a friend to sit down and ask you a bunch of questions based off your resume.

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