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Does anyone know the name of the three songs Travis made in the early 90's that were continuatins of each other

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    The trilogy was Anymore, Tell Me I was Dreaming and If I lost You.

    The story of two war veterans: Mac Singleton and his friend Al. Travis Tritt played the role of Mac Singleton, a wheelchair bound veteran. In "Anymore" he is reluctant to continue his relationship with Annie when he returns to his home town crippled. Then in "Tell Me I was Dreaming" he tries to rescue Annie, now pregnant, from slipping off a boat, subsequently hitting her head on the side of the dock. She dies, but their baby, Annie, survives. The third video "If I Lost You" shows what happens to Singleton and his daughter after the filming of his second video.

    Link to all three, http://bolstablog.wordpress.com/2009/07/03/tritt/

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    The first was "Anymore", from the album It's All About to Change, followed by "Tell Me I was Dreaming", from the album Ten Feet Tall & Bulletproof, and finally "If I Lost You", from the album No More Looking Over My Shoulder.

    Source(s): Travis Tritt CMT interviews
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