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Chloe asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 9 years ago


I have dark brunette hair and i have some questions about dying my hair red.

Like that, sorry long link =]

1. Do I need to bleach it for it to get that dark colour?

2. What dye should i use/go to hairdressers?

3. Will that colour be okay for a 13yo and for school??

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  • 9 years ago
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    hi, i died my hair red and i regret it so much, it is the hardest colour to get out of your hair. I have put so many coats of brown on my hair to get it back to brown and its just gone a blacky browny red:( the only way to get it out is to strip it which totally destroys your hair! makes it feel like straw so i don't want to do that:L so i would advise not to but if you have your heart set then:

    no bleach needed


    and yh i am 15 and its fine:)

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You don't NEED to bleach but if you want it to be extremely vibrant like bright red then you can. Any brand you find at a cvs should be fine. And it should be ok.

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