i am turning 18 and my parents dont approve of what i am looking at for a career.?

I am turning 18 years old, ive always wanted to join the military. i have finally convinced my dad to go and talk to a recruiter and see that it wasnt a bad job. Now he is pushing the military like crazy about the secure job and the nice pension etc. There are two problems. the first being have have 2 herniated disks in my back and have had them for 14 months. the second is i am a senior in highschool and have no credits because i went to private school the first 3 years and we owe money. i am taking an equivalent that is not the GED. the Marines do not take it without college credits but army does. I have taken in to thought that maybe i should look at a different career seeing how it has been 14 months and multiple doctors along with over $3000 and my back is not healed. I am lookng at welding cuz i have been interested and dont want a desk job, i want to work with my hands. He is kind of an *** and say they dont get paid like it says online and stuff. It is getting kind of hard to deal with that i am suppose to have this diploma in February and im not gonna stay at a minimum wage job. What do i do? through school i will probably be staying at my parents house. And they're pretty controling

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  • 8 years ago
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    Don't join through a recruiter, death merchants shouldn't receive bonus's for such acts (they not only choose where they get to be stationed, but they are also not sent over seas to fight, and they get a bonus for each person that joins through them)..

    I don't approve of you joining the military, but it's your life on the line also you're 18 they can eat your asshairs ._.

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    8 years ago

    do what you realllllllly wish to do

    and dont care abt the rest

    coz someones up there who loooks at us every time and cares for us


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