Pokemon #6 Help needed!?


I need a perfect fit-in for my 6th Pokemon and I'm having a hard time deciding. Any of the 649 Pokemon are available:

Timid Nature, Drought- Ninetales (Solarbeam, Heat Wave, Confuse Ray, Nasty Plot)

Calm Nature, Marvel Scale- Milotic (Ice, Beam, Surf, Recover, Aqua Ring)

Careful Nature, Synchronize- Umbreon (Return, Payback, Moonlight, Yawn)

Timid Nature, Magic Bounce- Espeon (Psychic, Shadow Ball, Morning Sun, Quick Attack)

Adamant Nature, Mold Breaker- Haxorus (X-Scissor, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Outrage)

As you can see, half of my party will consist of Sunny Day, Solarbeam user Ninetales' Drought support both Umbreon & Espeon due to their HP recovery Moonlight/Morning Sun. Milotic & Haxorus both can hold their own. I can't figure out who should be #6. Yanmega could be a perfect fit with Speed Boost and learning Solarbeam. No idea who to choose.

Update 2:

Thanks Lake. I'll keep this question for more opinions. I have decided to get a Leafeon as my 6th. Dream World Leafeon as a matter of fact. Chlorophyll works best with Ninetales Drought with Synthesis, Leaf Blade and still deciding the last two. Being Jolly Nature and all, trying to see if Baton Pass/Swords Dance actually does something. Haxorus & Umbreon would be the only two with Physical Attack who'll get benefits from it.

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    I would like to start by telling you good job on your thoughtful selection of moves for your first five Pokémon. They look pretty strong, and I like the way some of their moves help other members of the team. Now, on to your sixth Pokémon...

    Before I tell you which one you should pick, I should tell you that three Pokémon that would round out this team well come to mind:

    (Pokémon 1): Glaceon

    Suggested Moves: Ice Beam, Mirror Coat, Shadow Ball, Quick Attack

    Suggested Nature: Modest

    Suggested Ability: Snow Cloak

    The main idea with Glaceon would be to take advantage of its stellar Special Attack and Special Defense stats. Its Special Attack will allow it to deal devastating blows with Ice Beam and Shadow Ball, while its Special Defense will make the move Mirror Coat very useful. Quick Attack should finish off any Pokémon that has very little HP before it can make another attack.

    (Pokémon 2): Lucario

    Suggested Moves: Psychic, Earthquake, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse

    Suggested Nature: Bold

    Suggested Ability: Inner Focus

    Lucario is an all-offense type of Pokémon. It's pretty fast, too. Psychic will send other Fighting-types running for cover, and Earthquake takes care of Lucario's Fire-type weakness. Aura Sphere can actually _beat_ another Lucario, and you'd get STAB while doing it. Dragon Pulse is very powerful and provides a nice Special Attack to use should you face a foe who resists the other moves.

    (Pokémon 3): Eelektross

    Suggested Moves: Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Crunch

    Suggested Nature: Jolly

    Suggested Ability: Levitate

    Eelektross has no weaknesses, so there's no type coverage to worry about. Thunderbolt provides powerful STAB, and Flamethrower walks all over Grass-types, which resist Electric. Dragon Claw takes down Dragon-types, who resist Thunderbolt and Flamethrower. Crunch is a powerful move that takes advantage of Eelektross's great Attack stat.

    I think all of these Pokémon would make a great addition to your team, but sadly, you can only pick one.

    - If you're in the mood for a defensive tank with a pretty nice offensive move set, pick Glaceon.

    - If you would rather have a speedy and powerful offensive Pokémon, choose Lucario.

    - If you like a Pokémon that's not quite as fast, but has good stats all around, get Eelektross.

    Source(s): Bulbapedia
  • 9 years ago

    I would say a flying type would balance out your team so a pokemon like yanmega, tropius, or altaria that can learn good moves and are fast.

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