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Cheap and nice resorts in Spain?

Well I was looking at Alcudia because that looks really nice and fairly cheap, but we're on a budget and so i was wondering if there is any other resorts in spain or perhaps just in majorca that are cheap and family friendly as i will be going on holiday with young children.

Any suggestions?


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    In the winter months you can get reasonably priced charter trips to the Canary Islands for 1 or 2 weeks. The weather is pretty good and there is sunshine. There are lots of family places like water parks and amusement parks like PARQUE Loro and Siam Village on Tenerife. The bus system is really good and you can travel all around the island if you want. Get bonus-bus tickets. Google Tenerife, Grand Canaria and Lanzorate. See what they have to offer

    In the summer months there are touristy areas like Alicante (Mainland Spain) and Majorca (island in the Mediterranean. The charter companies offer lots of hotel in all price classes in these two areas especially. You should go online in your country and look at the charter companies that go to Spain. Usually the costs include flights and hotels and bus transfers. They also provide lists of activities in the area you choose.

    Some people with children choose: all inclusive hotels. They have good foods, usually buffet style, for the entire family. Going to restaurants with kids can get expensive. They have cheap and boring kids meals (hamburger, chicken nuggets, dried pizza) on one side of the menu. On the other side of the menu is an expensive dessert or ice-cream!! My grand kids liked the all inclusive because there is a variety of foods and deserts!

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    The Canary Islands are known to be the sun hub of Europe! See this sunshine with hotelbye . Canary Islands provide a gentle conditions and a selection of fantastic organic attractions. Five of their eight islands have now been stated a Biosphere Reserve, and the archipelago has four national parks. The most remarkable attractions in Canary Islands will be the beaches because they are only perfect for comforting in the sun or experiencing water activities such as windsurfing and scuba diving. In Canary Islands you is likewise impressing by the inside attraction like: hiking, pattern touring, climbing and even caving. Some of the most spectacular attractions of Canary Islands are: the volcanic landscape of Lanzarote, the beaches of Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria using their sand dunes, or the natural woods of La Palma and La Gomera.

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    As you are travelling with young children I can fully recommend the resorts of Cala Bona and Cala Millor on the north-east coast of Majorca and although they are 2 resorts they are virtually joined now.

    Both resorts have loads to offer and are totally family friendly. This, together with the fabulous beaches in Cala Millor. Cala Bona boasts a tranquil fishing harbour surrounded by great restaurants.

    There are many hotels to choose from so I am sure you would get a good deal. For young children I can recommend a hotel called the Bon Aire which caters extremely well for families and has a great splash pool for the kids.

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    i'm from Ibiza. i can inform you that Ibiza has the social gathering scene and additionally many alluring seashores. you will discover great bargains going to the San Antonio portion of ibiza... it truly is the place a great variety of golf equipment are and is thoroughly over run via the British. You wont would desire to correctly known plenty Spanish to get around when you consider that each and every person speaks a minimum of two to 3 languages. you will discover low-fee flights from the comparable airlines you pronounced for as low-fee as 35€ however the golf equipment are actually not in all probability open till the summer season, so which you will discover it plenty quieter in April, yet that is going everywhere this time of 365 days. desire this helped.

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